Summary of buy onesie and get a free tapestry in January

Summary of buy onesie and get a free tapestry in January

From January 6, 2024 to January 31, 2024, we at launched a campaign called buy onesie and get a free tapestry. And achieved a happy ending.

During the campaign, we received a total of 212 orders for onesies, and we then gave away 227 tapestries to these 212 customers. Why is the quantity of tapestries larger than the order quantity of onesies? Because several customers purchased multiple onesies, we sent them a few extra tapestries.

In this event, we witnessed everyone's recognition of our onesies and their trust in our store. In this regard, we believe that we will insist on bringing novelty and fun to everyone while making every costume well.

There will be more activities in the future and the frequency will be more frequent. Follow us now and don’t miss out on owning a satisfying and cost-effective animal onesie companion.

Adult onesie starts at 10% OFF any time & free shipping, it’s us at
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